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Winter Arctic traverse in Sweden

Lapland Arctic experience. A paradise for cross-country skiing and pulka.



This expedition, with a fantastic itinerary, is a big and spectacular traverse in the Swedish Lapland. We will move, all the time, over the line of the Arctic Circle.


We will skiabout 135 kmsbetween glacial valleys and peaks of about 2.000 meters, crossing frozen lakes and rivers,we will coexist with the wolverine, the moose and the arctic fox...


And all  this, we will be doing itfor 8 days while we progress on our skis, pulling the pulka with all we need for survival, in self-sufficiency in this inhospitable yet amazing area. 


ConnectingAbisko and StoraSjofallet, will allow us to experience the feel of the Arctic explorers pioneers, adventurous with a great spirit of sacrifice and willing to surpass the limits that we can only admire.




Day 1. ... - Lulea

Wemeet in Lulea and have a short briefing about our expedition.

Night in a hotel in Lulea.


Day 2. Lulea.

We will use this day to check for all the equipment that we bring for the expedition. And, if it is necessary, we can buy anything in Lulea.

Of course we will visit Lulea.

Night in Lulea.


Day 3. Lulea - Abisko

We will travel from Lulea to Abisko by train. It is a long trip, about 5h 30m, but the landscape will make our journey more pleasant.

When we arrive in Lulea we will do the last preparations and rest in the hotel. Tomorrow the adventurewill start.

Night in Abisko.


Day 4.Cross-country skiing.

This is an important day. We will start the arctic expedition. We will leave our shelter and entry in unknown terrain. We practice pulling the pulka. In the evening we will set the camp and organize it.

Night in tent.


Day 5.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse and learn several skills for skiing with more security and others as crossing the ice lake, winter survival, know the tracks of the wild animals...

Night in tent.


Day 6.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse.

Night in tent.


Day 7.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse.

Night in tent.


Day 8.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse.

Night in tent.


Day 9.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse.

Night in tent.


Day 10.Cross-country skiing.

We will continue the traverse.

Night in tent.


Day 11.

Spare day.


Day 12.

Finish cross-country skiing. StoraSjofallet.

Today is the last day of our traverse. We will arrive to Stora.

We will celebrate our great experience.

Night in cabin in Stora.


Day 13.Stora - Lulea

We will prepare the bags and travel to Lulea. It is a long trip too, but we will be really happy.

Night in hotel in Lulea.


Day 14. Lulea - ...

We will remember the last days.

We will return home with a bag full of good memories.


Mach 2023

It is a cold night, you are in your tent after doing cross-country skiing all day, tired but happy, you are over the Arctic Circle and look at the sky.


Ohhhh, there are fantastic northern lights.

This is an amazing experience.

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