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Sarek National Park Winter Traverse

Real adventure, surrounded by wild nature, in an arctic landscape … this is your trip.



If what you’re looking for is real adventure, surrounded by wild nature, in an arctic landscape … this is your trip. Traversing the Sami’s land, hidden and protected by nature, we move into one of the wildest national parks in Europe.

For 8 days we will conduct a pulka moving with skis or snowshoes, through snowy valleys, frozen lakes, fir forests, glaciers and vertical walls for an unique experience. The guide will teach you the necessary to enjoy this trip techniques, sharing their experience and knowledge with you: orientation, survival techniques, skiing, tracking, wildlife watching, sami culture …




Departure from Barcelona, arrival to Lulea (15:10 to 22:35).

A scale in Stockholm (2h 20‘).

Night in Lulea


After breakfast we will travel to Gallivare by train. (2h 50 ‘). Then we will go to Ritsem by Bus (3h 20 ‘).

The road to Ritsem is called by the locals as “the road to nowhere“. During the trip we can even observe the wild landscape covered by a blanket of snow, frozen lakes, wide pine and spruce forests. At night you can enjoy a sauna (to recover the trip), overlooking the Queen of Lapland, Akka mountain (in Sami means “old woman“).

Night in Ritsem


Sarek National Park

Transfer with snowmobiles to Lake Akkajaure and lake Kutjaure, getting closer to the foothills of Akka.

Akka is one of the most famous mountains in northern Sweden. It is located north of the Arctic Circle, in the P.N. Stora Sjöfallet and has been named a World Heritage Site by Unesco Lapland. This mountain has a unique top, but several. The highest, the Stortoppen, is 2,015 meters high. It also contains several glaciers, the largest is the Hambergsjökel and gives the mountain that way so characteristic. We begin our journey seeking a path between pine forests, along the river to the southeast, seeking the huge mountain wall Nijak.

Night in tents.


The heart of P.N. and its biggest glacier

The journey leads into the park, through some places that are very reminiscent of Alaska. Sarek is very alpine landscape magnificent mountains, narrow valleys and vertical walls.

The park contains more than 200 mountains over 1,800 meters high. Six of the thirteen highest mountains in Sweden are found here, along with about 100 glaciers. During our tour we will find some of the Sami hut, they use as shelter while caring for their reindeer. The terrain is quite smooth and easy, until you reach the Mikka cabin, a cabin emergency that we can use for dinner.

Overnight in tent under the largest glacier in Sarek, the Mikka Jegna.


Ascent to Mahtuoalgge

This day is reserve. If all goes on schedule, it is possible to climb one of the mountains in the area, the Mahtuoalgge (1,284 m), where we can enjoy the magnificent views over the glacier and the main artery of the park, the Rapadalen valley. At night we can take the cabin to stalk the northern lights.

Overnight in tent.


Valley Crossing Rapadalen

Following the course of his icy river, a canyon appears before our eyes. The valley, as we move gains depth. Heading East, we left the river climbing a snow ramp to enter a wide valley, where it progresses comfortably above Lake Bierikjavvre.

Overnight in tent.


The Stora Sjöfallet N.P.

The land opens more and results in huge valleys and wide plains covered with snow and ice. Through moraines of ancient glaciers we descend by an increasingly narrow canyon. To the north we can see the most impressive icefall Park, recognized as one of the 5 best ice climbing areas in Europe.

We can also admire the mountain Slugga, with its particular conical shape, use the reference to navigate.

Overnight in tent.


Lake Pietsaure

Now we progress between mountains and forests, cross the river and descend to 645 meters, from where we will begin to cross the huge lake Pietsaure. Here we can find traces of all kinds and if we’re lucky and we remain silent, we can see the arctic fox and snow ptarmigan. Concerning the bear at this time is still in hibernation.

Overnight in tent.


Reserve day

DAY 10


The mountain lodge is only 6 kilometers. We pass the Sami’s summer camp before starting the descent, overlooking the vast mountain ranges and valleys P.N. Stora Sjöfallet and Lake Akkajaure.

Overnight at mountain station Saltoluokta.

DAY 11

Return to Gallivare-Lulea

In the morning we will cross the lake Akka Jaure and then we will take the bus to Gallivare. Then the train to Lulea.

Overnight at hotel *** in Lulea.

DAY 12


Day off at Lulea. You can optionally perform any of the following activities:

Hovercraft tour on the frozen sea. Ice sailing. Dogsled tour. Tour with the icebreaker in Pitea. Visit the city. Overnight at hotel *** in Lulea.

DAY 13


Departure flight to destination.

March 2023

Adventure, wilderness, arctic landscapes and solitude.


Northern Lights.


Discover a land with a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years: The Sami pople

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